Hi point c9 improvements

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Philippians When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe. Can't subscribe you right now. Try later. Thank you for subscribing to the newsletter! We hope you enjoy shopping at Galloway Precision. Contact us P. Need Help? All rights reserved. Powered by X-Cart.Dayton, OH — - Ammoland. The new owner of Hi-Point Firearms decided it was time to update the company's logo — so he did!

Hi-Point produces all-American made firearms, and the unique Hi-Point lifetime warranty stays with the firearm regardless of original purchaser.

Hi-Point Firearms are affordable, accurate, robust and reliable everyday hard working guns. MKS Supply insists on high quality, reliable firearms. We insist on guns that are easy to own and service. Most of all, we insist on value. It weighs less than the Thompson, and throws hot lead downrange at the same rate. Better than a Thompson, it comes with a lifetime warranty!!! You can use any of the older HP Carbines to install in the new stock. Glad to see people posting here positive things about their HiPoints.

I own two hi points a 40 and the c9 and I love then. I would suggest that the design team set aside any logo change effort and go about improving the looks of the pistols. If they sleeked the slide a bit maintaining the mechanics and weights I think these pistols would renew some interest, or at least distance the appearance curses.

I own a Hi-Point C9, new as of This was my first gun. I like the gun and would call the gun plain, not ugly. Can he offer accserories for upgrading? Anyway, being a woman with fairly large hands it fits well enough. I have the 9mm High-Point carbine and I love it. Fun to shoot, no problems and eats everything I feed it. Now I wish High-Point made their guns that are legal to sell in Illinois.

Something about the pot metal and melting point makes them illegal to sell in the state of Illinois. Except for the reputation whether deserved or not as a cheap gun, often used by perps, the HP9 is, in my view, impressive.It's also very likely they'll have something negative to say about them despite never having owned or shot one.

I enjoy firearms literacy and feel that understanding a firearm's intent and design is an important part of being able to properly experience them. It seems a shockingly-high percentage of the shooting community are illiterate when it comes to Hi-Point pistols so let's take a closer look. Taking into account where most violent crimes occur this is a very noble cause. Hi-Points are priced at a point where most anyone could afford to pick one up on their way home without needing to budget for it.

Better yet that firearm is backed by a warranty that has even accepted a carbine needing to be barreled after an unknowing owner got a few-dozen slugs stuck in it. Whenever I post about Hi-Points the trolls inevitably come out and begin to trash talk them. As we all know trolls tend to be the most ignorant about any subject they so obnoxiously post about, so let's give them some fodder. Aesthetics is a personal opinion that requires no fact so we can let that part slide.

Reliability and function however must be fact based. As you saw the C9 only had issues cycling a rather obscure gr frangible load. With all other loads from 90gr to gr including hollow points, flat-points, and FMJ, steel-cased, aluminum-cased, and traditional brass all ran. Accuracy was impressive thanks to the fixed barrel of this blow-back-operated handgun. While on the topic of blow-back operation, that system is responsible in part for the affordability of the C9, and also the aesthetics.

Blow-back operation does not have a locked breech. Instead it is the mass of the slide or bolt combined with strength of the operating spring that keep the chamber closed until pressure has dropped off to a safe level. To keep the pistol operable by the average shooter Hi-Point kept the recoil spring softer and instead increased slide mass. That is why Hi-Points are shaped the way they are. I hope between these two videos the point of Hi-Point has been made clear, and although it's a sample size of one, the C9 tested proved more reliable and more accurate than a few other pistols we've tested that cost hundreds of dollar more.

If that's got your interest in trying one of these incredibly-affordable pieces the specifications and features below were taken directly from the product web page. Post-Army Graham spent some time in the local 3-Gun circuit before becoming a full-time NRA Certified defensive handgun instructor and now works as an industry writer while curating a YouTube channel on the side. Visit Graham on Youtube. The inner-city single mother with an aggressive baby daddy will miss and kill a neighbor. I owned a high point 9mm in my younger days.As far as statistics go, it is among one of the most commonly found firearms in police evidence lockers and has probably been the pistol of choice among gang members and low-life-type criminals for quite a while.

The countless YouTube torture tests prove it. The Hi-Point can withstand situations that would cause other handguns to stop functioning, and endures the abuse with a smile. All jokes and satire aside, we have taken a notice to and even some admiration to this humble chunk of zamak and plastic.

Benjamin bill finishes, Starbucks pumpkin spice orange paint jobs, milling of the slide for cool factor and optics. A meme whose lifespan were to have died off ages ago, now forever to be engraved into the slide of innumerous affordable handguns to come. And seeing how cheap Hi-Points are, that says something.

The design will be released into the public domain and allow for any and all modifications someone with 3D modeling experience could possibly think of. How do you turn these files into tangible objects? Well with a 3D printer of course!

Hi-Point Firearms Announces NEW Logo Change

Another quick range test from the lopoint test group. More to follow. Click on the stuff. An ironic jab at the naming structure of the cheapest reliably functioning semi-auto handgun, the Hi-Point.

Although no one buying a Hi-Point can reliably say they are at a high point in their lives, the same could be said about drinking a Miller High Life 40oz. Yes, I did just mention magazines. The JHP model will be released later on. Or perhaps the rail and ability to fire without inserting a magazine is reason enough? Not by any means. Just look at these pictures here. At the current time these files have been released, and being the nature of the internet, you can find your way to said files and get to creating your very own Lo-Point!

July 12, July 8, August 14, Very nice work. I think everyone should enjoy making their own firearm at least once in their lifetime. He also reported an inability to get passing times on multiple drills with it due to a combination of hideous trigger, nigh-unusable sights, and constantly having to clear stoppages mid-drill.I decided a wanted a new gun, but I didn't have much money to spend.

I did a little research, and came across the Hi-Point 9mm. I came across some mixed reviews. There were those that said it jammed, was super ugly, and way too heavy. But, then there were those that said it was more accurate than most of the guns they owned, couldn't be easier to clean and maintain, and best of all, it came with a lifetime warranty, not questions asked, and it's made in the good old USA. So, I went out and got me one, it even came with a free box of bullets.

I haven't fired it yet, but plan on it this weekend, so I'll let you know how it performs. Until then, I found this honest review at Bullshido. For the price of 4 boxes of. It also shoots cheap, readily available 9mm luger. Consistency- Once you dial the adjustable sights in, this weapon will put a bullet in the same spot over and over again.

I freely admit I never expected that from this piece. Even after several hundred rounds, this thing will shoot point of aim dead on at any distance. It has been such a treat to see a low-cost product perform this well.

Simplicity- This is a single-action-only, straight-blowback, striker-fired handgun. There are no complex mechanisms at all.

Hi-Point C9 9mm Handgun Review – Shooting Impressions & Field Strip

Cleaning can be done without stripping; as a matter of fact, hi-point recommends you do NOT disassemble this weapon. If the weapon fails for any reason, send it back. They will fix it or give you a new one. I have spoken with several owners of these, and turnaround time seems to be about 2 weeks. THE BAD- Picky Eater- Since the action is straight blowback, the breach does not tip back to align with the feed ramp, and the feed ramp suffers from poor polishing.

The result is a weapon that will not feed non-jacketed ammo. Even low-power jacketed ammo can be problematic. While straight-blowback is inherently simple, it necessitates a heavy slide and recoil spring, and if you have an anemic round, it may fail to throw the slide all the way back, and cause the weapon to feed the next round improperly. Half an hour with a Dremel tool will polish the feed ramp to the point that many of the feeding problems will disappear, and is not the sort of thing that requires a skilled gunsmith.

So shoot decent ammo! Weight- 9mm handguns should be thin and light. This one is not. Fully loaded, this beast weighs almost as much as my. It boasts unloaded weights of 30 oz.I just checked the text of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is a fundamental human right. Should 2A rights only extend to those with fat bank accounts or who are willing to go into debt if they need a weapon RFN?

Hi-Point Firearms has been making low-budget handguns and carbines for almost two decades now, so we decided to see if their C9 pistol would fit the bill for an affordable house gun that could be relied on to defend the hearth from nefarious individuals. Almost every other 9mm handgun on the market today utilizes a locked breech, where the barrel and slide are mechanically joined together at the moment of firing, creating a wall of steel around the cartridge.

Once the bullet has left the barrel and pressures have dropped to safe levels, the two components unlock and start the cycle of ejection and reloading. Normally seen in older sub-machinegun designs, this blowback system requires a comparatively heavy slide in order to provide enough resistance to the force generated by a 9mm Luger round. You immediately notice all of this slide weight when first picking up the pistol. Due to the combination of a heavy slide and polymer frame, it feels much like a brick balanced on top of a Styrofoam cup — making you wonder if the gun is going to flip upside down at any moment.

The grip panels are contoured to fit the hand and surprisingly comfortable, but it lack any checkering or stippling to improve traction.

Stone simple and uglier than a bucket of smashed assholes, the Hi-Point breaks down into four components by drifting out a roll pin at the rear of the frame.

A set of adjustable sights can be found on top of the 1. To pack as much pot-metal into the slide to make it heavy enough to safely contain the pressure generated when firing, the top of the slide sits higher than usual, creating additional torque as it cycles. More on this later. The C9 is fed from single-stack magazines, one of which ships with the gun, with round and 8-round versions available. Being a single-column design should by rights aid reliability, as cartridges only need to move in one axis while in the magazine, whereas in a double-stack mag, rounds must roll up the inside of the mag tube and against each other as they progress northward to the chamber.

As a result, getting a double-stack to feed reliably is a considerably harder feat of engineering. The slide lever may be used to manually hold open the slide by engaging a takedown slot machined in the left side.

Serious question- Hipoint C9 threaded barrel

Running at the spicy end of the velocity spectrum and topped with the very accurate Nosler grain hollow point, these are not exactly cheap garbage practice rounds. Every one of the magazines refused to feed when fully charged, with the round consistently impacting the feed ramp.

But with more than five rounds in the mag?Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

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The Gun That’s Too Gangster For Video Games

Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Serious question- Hipoint C9 threaded barrel. Thread starter Moooks Start date Jan 12, Moooks Well-Known Member. Anyone know where I can get a Hipoint c9 threaded to accept a can? I know I understand GunClinger Well-Known Member. This belongs in the humor thread. I like it. Is the C9 a compact model? If so, can you just install a full size barrel that has been threaded? When the front of the slide breaks off, then plenty of barrel will be exposed and you can thread it more easily.

All joking aside, I would be concerned with baffle strikes from a less than concentric bore. Unless you run a 45 caliber can? DutchV Well-Known Member.


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