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It is the mission of the Substance Use Treatment Program to provide evidence-based substance use treatment services appropriate to the needs of individual offenders to facilitate positive change; and to provide accountability for programming utilizing assessment tools developed specifically for this population, all of which leads to reducing recidivism and improving public safety.

The program is intended for incarcerated offenders with substance use disorders and criminal ideology issues. Offenders are placed in the program based on vote by the BPP. There is added emphasis given to address particular drugs of choice of the clients. The program utilizes Peer Recovery Support Specialists assisting the clients with additional help and contacts with agencies that may be needed by the client for successful re-integration. This program seeks to reach a population of offenders in need of a more concentrated program to address behavioral change through structured activities, complimented by support services upon release.

Peer Recovery Support Specialists assist the clients with preparing their re-entry plans. Offenders are placed in the program based on vote by the BPP and their substance use assessment score. The Intermediate Sanction Facility ISF program is presented in a day format for those needing Cognitive Behavioral Treatment and a 90 day format for those needing a brief substance use treatment program. Clients enter the program referred by a Parole Officer as an alternative to being violated.

The Driving While Intoxicated In-Prison Program is a six-month multimodal program with an aftercare component which uses a variety of educational modules and treatment activities, to include group and individual therapy. The State Jail Substance Use Program is a multimodal program designed to accommodate the diverse characteristics and individual needs of the state jail population.

Eligible offenders are placed in one of two tiers: days or days based on an Addiction Severity Instrument ASI assessment. Once completed, the offender moves to the next phase of care, as will the residential offender.Call to speak with an alcohol or drug abuse counselor. This phone number is for rehab centers only.

We provide listings of halfway houses and sober living facilites in Texas. Oftentimes there are close distinctions between the two. Some facilities do not want to be called halfway houses and others do not want to be called Sober Living Facilites. Our goal is to help those that need help. Our listings include as many locations for possible for our users. Many are also low income and sliding scale which are low cost and very helpful for those in need. A halfway house or sober house, is a place where people recovering from addiction begin the process of reintegration with society, while still providing monitoring and support.

There are thousands of halfway houses across the US. Our goal is to provide a free online directory of all halfway houses and sober houses to those seeking recovery from addiction. We provide information such as eligibility rules and requirements for most of our listings. This can help you narrow down what you may qualify for in your search for assistance.

We are a free online resource of halfway houses and sober living facilities across the US. Add a listing. Facebook Mail Us. Texas Halfway Houses. What is a Halfway House A halfway house or sober house, is a place where people recovering from addiction begin the process of reintegration with society, while still providing monitoring and support.

Eligibility Requirements We provide information such as eligibility rules and requirements for most of our listings.Regional Break Time. It's been a long journey but my son finally made it to the halfway house from SAFP at last night, January 3 rd. A brief history for those that it might help He made it to his unit after five days of travelling and hitting different units. He arrived there at PM and called me at PM!!!

I had contacted the halfway house the day before to find out the procedure for bringing his clothes, etc. They were extremely helpful, curtious and informative. This is what they said he could have the day after he arrived Pack the clothes up conveniently. They are discouraged from having too many clothes there so they can keep up with them.

There are washers there for approx 25cents each. They have a drop off day in the middle of the week where you can either exchange clothing or drop off other items the "client" needs.

Vistitation - during orientation - Orientation is the first ten days - During that time they are not permitted to leave the grounds unless it's through the "system" to obtain ID's, birth certificates, etc. However, Saturndays on the first three weekends of the month are from - You can bring in food to be consumed during the visit.

The personnel let me know what hours they are normally in group sessions and the best times to call. They also provided me with the main office number in order to contact his counselor. He's in a "dorm" that houses six others. There is one bathroom for them. I don't know if this will help anyone else waiting to know how the process goes but I know it would've helped me. I had to go back later this afternoon to drop something else off and they sincerely were hospitable.

I hope that means that they loved ones there are treated humanely. I'll keep ya'll posted if you like, about our journey. God Bless Janice He's finally there!!!! Twenty minutes from home!!!! Your fist is clenched against my enemies. Your power will save me. Sponsored Links. Janice, Thanks for the info and a big "Well Done" to your son! With good wishes for his bright, new future.

Rach x. What wonderful news for you and your son!!! Congratulations to both of you!!! Jason's Mom Kay Help Desk. BB's Mom. Janice, Congratulations! I am so happy to hear that your son is finally at the halfway house. His journey is almost over. Keep me updated. BB's Mom - Thank You.T View Full Listing Details. PO BOX ST Petersburg, FL - We are a transitional housing program for ex-offenders, those in recovery from addiction, homeless, and open to anyone in need of shelter.

View Full Listing Details. Contact US. Add a listing. Shelter Listings is dedicated to serving the homeless and low-income. We have listed out the shelters and low cost housing services we have in St Petersburg, FL below.

This list has homeless shelters, halfway houses, affordable housing, etc. The database consists of over 3, listings and includes emergency shelters, homeless shelters, day shelters, transitional housing, shared housing, residential drug alcohol rehabilitation programs and permanent affordable housing.

St Petersburg is in County, FL. Boley Centers, Inc. Types of Shelters and Services we provide We provide many categories of shelter for those in need and in need of services.

They include: Day Shelters supplement homeless and low-income people when the shelter their staying in only offers shelter on an overnight basis. Case management is often provided and sometimes there are laundry and shower facilities. Meals and basic hygiene may also be offered. Almost all day shelters provide their services free of charge. Any emergency or homeless shelter that allows clients to stay during the day is also classified under this category.

Usually there is a maximum stay of 3 months or less. Many of these shelters ask their clients to leave during the day. Meals and other supportive services are often offered. Halfway Housing helps transition individuals and families from shelters or homelessness to permanent housing. Length of stay is usually anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Sometimes the money they pay in fees is returned to them when they leave. Any emergency or homeless shelter that allows their clients to stay more then 6 months is also classified under this category.

Permanent Affordable Housing is a long-term solution for housing.Our helpline is offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment.

Private Facility Contract Monitoring/Oversight Division

Types of transitional housing listed. Our listings include: government run, privately owned, non profit transitional housing resources. We work closely with many transitional housing programs who provide us with their latest details and costs.

View the full details on our listing details pages. Where possible we provide prices and details such as sliding fee scale, free programs. Box Houston, TX - The Isaiah House and Providence House programs are the culmination of years of experience dealing in prison ministry.

They recognize the need to assist newly released men in making their transition back into society. Their experienced staff, together with knowledgeable Board Members are committed to providing the needed support for ex-offenders through their housing programs. View Full Details. As an advocate for social justice, Catholic Charities empowers the community through action and education, asserting the principle of human dignity.

As a servant leader, Catholic Charities calls all people of good will to the work of charity and justice. They are people of faith helping peop. The mission of Harmony House, Inc. Houston, TX - Covenant House will continue to fulfill its mission by providing shelter and services to children and youth who are homeless or at great risk.

In the spirit of open intake, services will be offered to all youth who seek help, with a priority of concern and commitment to those for whom no other service is available. We will make every effort to reunite kids with their families.

Houston, TX - Transitional housing for low income families. Houston, TX - Smith's Anchor is a transitional Permanent housing for senior citizens Apartments for 66 families and apartments for 45 single women are available Houston, TX - Transitional housing for homeless families Houston, TX - Roz House mission is to create a haven for women by being a place of healing and encouragement.

They will be the rebirth point for their personal growth, spiritual support, economic literacy, life skills and employment resources. Transitional housingOur helpline is offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment. Types of transitional housing listed. Our listings include: government run, privately owned, non profit transitional housing resources. We work closely with many transitional housing programs who provide us with their latest details and costs.

View the full details on our listing details pages. Where possible we provide prices and details such as sliding fee scale, free programs. In additi.

Rehabilitation Programs Division

View Full Details. The secondary missi. Saint Petersburg, FL - It's MissionTo provide a safe and stable recovery environment with strong community support system to help men to successfully transition in the real world. Real Recovery provide their residents with the opportunity to create a solid foundation for their recovery. Their program provides the accountability and community support that is essential. Eligibility for the housing varies according to funding source and includes people who are recovering from mental illnesses, people who are homeless, individuals who have re-occurring substance abuse problems, people with low income, Veterans and individuals living with.

They provide Transitional Housing for All. Housing is ideal for individuals who have limited income, are willing to be in a structured and shared living environment. They offer sliding scale therapeutic services. They can help you establish your medical documentation for disability and other services. Nearby Listings Due to the low number of listings in Saint Petersburg, we have added area listings below.

They house individuals with substance and mental health conditions. Their main office ours are am to pm Monday thru Friday but there is staff to assist 24 hours a day.

Their purpose is to assist individuals in the transition to becoming independent by providing them with the resources available to them. The residents wi That is why partial days are dedicated to their clients experience in the gender specific groups.

The private, separate living quarters for women ensures a personalized approach and an intimate experience to substance abuse reh Features 8, two bedroom two bathroom Their goal is to provide women with structure and accountability while in early recovery.

Clearwater, FL - Associate Recovery Communities is a network of recovery communities and programs that have come together to help better the community.

Their sober living facilities and recovery programs aim to provide lasting recovery. Counties: Hillsborough Pinellas, Pasco Their sober living Many religious organizations offer transitional housing at no cost as part of their ministry services.

Many also offer payment assistance for those that qualify. We list these resources. Through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, grants are provided to sober homes and transitional housing facilities for those who cannot afford alcohol and drug treatment.

Many transitional housing locations provide housing on a sliding scale basis. This is generally income based support that charges based on one's ability to pay. We find and list those resources.

There are many non profit organizations that provide transitional housing. These transitional locations can provide payment assistance for those in need of services. Find these resources here and contact them for support.

Transitional housing is temporary housing for the working homeless population and is set up to transition their residents to permanent housing.What does SAFP stand for? This is a program the government has designed to give drug abuse treatment inside, and later, outside Texas prisons. The program is supposed to provide different treatment options for the needs of individuals suffering from substance abuse addiction.

Overall, the idea is that by giving people treatment, Texas will not have the same people committing crimes over and over again recidivism - see below. The progam is only available for felony charges. If your considering a plea bargain offer that includes agreeing to go to SAFP, then you need to speak with a criminal defense attorney for a complete understanding of the program. All Texas prisons offer some form of drug addiction treatment, like: Alcoholics AnonymousNarcotics AnonymousCo-Dependents Anonymousand other approved programs are available to all offenders, and volunteers are used to improve the twelve-step and group recovery meetings.

SAFP is a common part of plea bargains or probatoin sentences in Texas drugs charges. The recidivism rates and statistics shown in this guide are based on a report by the TDCJ for offenders who were released in the Fiscal Year The releases were tracked to determine if they returned to either TDCJ prison or state jail for either a new conviction or community supervision probation or parole violation.

These government agencies came up with criteria for deciding whether prisoners are required to take part in different SAFP programs. The system is supposed to have rewards and sanctions punishments to encourage participation.

However, if someone is sentenced to SAFP by the judge, then that person does not get the same rewards i.

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People often get SAFP as a condition of probation. TDCJ has rules for these probationers. If one of these probationer inmates violates the rules, then the sentencing court gets the case back and the judge may likely will revoke the probation. Like probation SAFP, some people are required to be in program as a part of parole. There are rules for these parolees. These different professionals include by law:. If someone has insurance that covers any part of substance abuse treatment, then TDCJ is supposed to try to get the insurance company to pay as much of the cost of treatment as possible.

Starting on January 1,Article 42A. People are in the SAFPF because they are either on probation or parole, and those people are completing the program as an alternative to regular incarceration.


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