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Yugi plays a Strategy Deckcontaining various flexible strategies for any situation, however, two Types that can be seen consistently throughout Yugi's Decks are the Fiend -Type and the Spellcaster -Type, possibly to reflect Yami Yugi 's mystical and somewhat dark nature. Yugi originally uses the Deck built by his grandfather, Solomon Muto in a rematch against Seto Kaiba.

Solomon had previously added his prized card, " Blue-Eyes White Dragon " into the Deck for the Duel, but it was subsequently destroyed by Kaiba upon Solomon's defeat. Yugi inherited the Deck and subsequently built his own, containing many of the staple cards collected by Solomon. Yugi used this Deck against Pegasus, and brought it to compete in Duelist Kingdomhowever the Deck was radically altered again once the pieces of Exodia were lost by Weevil Underwood.

Most Monsters have low ATKbut he supports them with Magic Cards such as " Horn of the Unicorn " to raise their strength, while also maximizing his more powerful monsters' potential through cards like " Burning Land " and " Makiu, the Magical Mist. The Deck also had " The Forbidden One " cards in it, which he used in the first episode to defeat Kaiba, but Weevil Underwood threw them overboard on the ship to Duelist Kingdom, and Joey Wheeler was only able to recover two of them, so Yugi abandoned Exodia.

Both have have only been used when cooperating with Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheelerrespectively. His Deck also includes more control cards that allow him to manipulate an opponent's cards, such as " Brain Control ", " Lightforce Sword " and " Mystical Refpanel ". In accordance with Battle City's ante rules, whenever Yugi won a Duel, he would gain the rarest card his opponent's Deck along with the Locator Card needed to participate in the finals.

After defeating the Rare Hunter, Seeker, he got back the " Red-Eyes Black Dragon " that was taken from Joey after he lost it in a previous duel and was prepared to give it back to him, but Joey let him keep it as a sign of their friendship, which proved invaluable when they were forced to duel each-other by Marik. Yugi also gains ownership of Arkana 's unique Dark Magician after beating him, but never used it in a Duel, presumably because it was illegally trimmed.

However, he wasn't seen taking anything from Lumis, Umbra or the other two Rare Hunters he defeated in tag-team duels with Seto Kaiba, likely because he was more focused on saving his friends. During his Duel against Seto Kaiba in the semi-finals and his Duel against Yami Marik in the finals, his Deck shifts its focus to an Egyptian God Deck, whose strategy involves swarming the field through " Soul Rope " and " King's Knight " to Summon " Slifer the Sky Dragon ", further strengthen his monster through cards such as " Card of Sanctity " and " Disgraceful Charity ", and disrupt his opponent's strategies through cards such as " Change of Heart " and " Electromagnetic Turtle ".

He also included several retrained versions of cards he had formerly used in Duelist Kingdom, but not in Battle City.

YGOPRO The Dawn of a New Era

He also makes use of his " The Eye of Timaeus " card he received in order to defeat Dartz, by fusing it with his Magicians in order to Summon powerful Fusions. He supports his strategy by using " Excalibur " or " Altar of Restoration ". Because of Yami's loss to Rafael, Yugi's soul was taken and thus he played no part in the Duels for the rest of the season, save a Duel against Yami that acted as a test of the latter's character.

Cards used by Yami after this point are listed at Yami Yugi's Decksas Yugi had no part in any further alterations to the Deck. Waking the Dragons Deck.

Dueling Nexus, The new Dueling Network

He again makes use of his Knights' swarming abilities, this time to Summon " Royal Straight Slasher " who he used to destroy the illegal card " Golden Castle of Stromberg ".Hey everyone, I wanted to make this quick little blog about the new Dueling Network-like site, Dueling Nexus! This site is legit and is completely free.

You don't need to download anything! This is something you can access straight from your browser. As you can see, it's currently in public alpha test, so it may not perfect at first, but it works perfectly well. Also, if you read the news board, you can access it not just on Chrome, Windows, etc. It's basically a discord chat which you also sign into on your browser, you don't need to download it if you don't want toand you can go on here to report any problems or bugs you may have found on Dueling Nexus.

Here we have the duel room. It tells you of duels that are currently going on, or rooms that are waiting for an opponent.

yugioh dueling nexus

You can also host a duel if you want an opponent to come you. This is what a duel on here looks like. Again, this is still in alpha mode, so it's not going to be perfect. On the bottom-right, you can listen to some awesome music when you're dueling, or watching a duel, or you can mute it if it's too annoying for you.

Click on the tap that says "Import Deck File. Next, go to the file that says Devpro or Ygopro or to whatever you named it. After that, select the file that says deck, and then select the deck file you wish to upload. It's all there. Also, you can see you have a little search bar on the right hand side of the screen.

It's no duh that that's where you'll search and add your cards. When you do search for them, you can add them in by dragging and dropping them in, or you can right-click them, which will automatically add it into your deck for you.

Finally, we have the profile room. This is where you'll select your profile picture and it tells you how well you are doing in terms wins, loss, and draws. Right now though, match duels and tag duels aren't available, but the creators plan on adding them in, so we'll have to be patient for them to do that for the time being.

Update: Some users have requested a manual dueling mode to be implemented into Dueling Nexus. If this is something you would like to see, go let them know at their Discord chat room. On the bottom left of the duel whether you're spectating or dueling is a bar where you can chat with the player s.

When you duel, your turn will last for seconds 4 minutes. If time runs out, you lose automatically, so you better move fast. If you add something from your deck to your hand via a card effect; normally, you're suppose to reveal the added card to your opponent.

Dueling Nexus doesn't do that yet another bug that needs to be fixed. In the meantime, you'll have to tell your opponent the card s you added. If you were fan of Dueling Network and have missed it since it got removed, then try checking out Dueling Nexus I swear I'm not being sponsored by them! Again, it's not exactly like Dueling Network, and there may be some bugs, but better than nothing. Also, there may be some things I may have missed or overlooked, so keep an eye out for them.

Here's a link to the site if you want to check it out, or go onto Google and search "Dueling Nexus" and look for the site with this similar link. I'll see you guys in the next one.Hey all, jack atlas here with a new blog to talk about the infinite draw loop in the exodia deck. I know the feeling to get a "OTK" against an obliteration deck, specially when you have a good starting hand. The most raging part is that, when the loop starts if you dont have the right cards to counter it, it will become nearly impossible to stop it.

Before explaining how to counter and activate it, i guess its a must to give the used deck. PS: The deck is only 40 cards so no traps, but i guess its the last thing you have to worry about since technically ur head defence is offence. Once chained this card can give you up to 2 spell counters and give you the power to draw 2 cards.

We will talk about this card later, but remember when i said royal magical library is the engine of the deck? For each spell card played u will add 1 counter on each card so if u activate 3 spells thats a total of 6 counters. You can draw 2 cards because of the effect of ur magical library. Then use the citadel to move the 3 other counters back to ur library and draw again.

This is the start of the loop. If u draw 1 toon table of contents u will be able to chain to the other toon cards giving u a total of 4 counters. This is 1 more draw. I am not going to explain more about it but if you managed to get both the "engine and the fuel" to ur field. Not much recommended since ur giving ur opponent an additional draw but u may consider running it. Thats it for today guys hope u liked it, stay tuned with the master of faster for more hight quality blogs.

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Featured post Love me.? Into Duel?Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. By AntiMetamanJanuary 2, in Projects. The information presented in this article is based on presence and absence of features for each simulator. These are based on facts however, some opinions may have been addressed.

Users are recommended to also do their own research and use their own judgment when deciding what simulators to play or try. Manual simulators. In the year ofDN would often have around 9, users online at any given time. There was a YCS in March of that year where over 4, duelists showed up for.

Based on these 2 statistics, I would argue that Yugioh was at it's all time peak during this year. In later years, DN slowly reached lower averages, until it ended up with less than 3, at its peak in the day. Official games by Konami. Did not have all the recent cards and was behind. No integrated tournament system. Search In. Existing user? Sign in anonymously.

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Report post. Posted January 2, In an event, the head judge may follow a ruling while in another event for the exact same situation, the head judge can follow a different ruling.I am only human, please understand this. I have not used Nexus in over a year. They followed the rules for that and they followed whatever the current ban list was. I do not know the answers to your questions any more than I know who many of you are. It's Kat! A couple weeks ago a dueling website was brought to my attention.

Since I am always looking for new ways to duel, I thought that this would be interesting to try. So here it is, [Dueling Nexus duelingnexus. This is were you first enter. The login screen is simple. If you're already a member on Nexus, all you do is login. If not, you click on the register tab. After registration, you have to login yourself, it doesn't automatically log you in. Once that is done, you'll see this screen.

Here is where they'll tell you about updates to the site or news concerning Yu-Gi-Oh tcg or the site. The tabs at the top lead you to different aspects of the site. You want to click on Decks first. When you click on Decks, you'll see a screen similar to this, without the decks if you haven't made one. You can either make a new deck or import a deck. I haven't imported a deck, but it seems simple enough. When you click Create New Deck, a pop up will appear for a title to the deck then it will be add to the list of decks you have.

To add cards to your new deck, click Edit on the deck. You will then see this in an empty deck. On the right there is a search bar, you can type in the name of the card you wish to add to your deck and then click on the card and drag it to the deck. The downfall to this is actually needed to know the card names. To use the deck you created, you need a minimum of 40 cards in the main deck. I should add that Nexus uses the current rulebook and banlist for the TCG. Once you've completed your deck, click save and head back to the main page.

Once you've made a deck, you're ready to duel. The Duel tab leads to this screen. You can go for a random match up. Or click on the show public matches and see a screen like this:.Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. General Groundz. The yugioh community seems to be very excited about this, and it might be the next big thing just because it's browser-based.

I haven't tested it yet, but I hope to do so soon. To anyone who's tested it, how is it? What bugs are there, if any? For starters, there is no option to make decks that do not conform to the current ban list, so you cannot make goat decks. Aesthetics of the lobby and the chat being a discord channel are not great at this point, but that should be fixable. I won't even bother playing until they fix that. I don't understand why they decided to make this thing fully automated.

I guess that's why you would have a time limit as well. I joined a game against a random opponent to test it out. It's still really buggy. I activated Diamond Dude's effect and didn't see the revealed card. I activated Rota and Smashing Ground and they worked smoothly.

Viewing the Graveyards is weird because you have to right click the field to get out of it, there's not "close" button. Why people think an automated downloaded program is the way to go is beyond me.

I tried it yesterday and as far as I could tell there was no way to respond to things that don't cause chains. It's JavaScript based unlike DN which is nice. Another issue I've had is when someone uses the metalfoe effects their opponent cannot see what was set by the effect.

As a developer yes and no. Manual sims require that you nail the human element and the technical. Automated one you only need to nail the server communication. Tens of developers either have taken care off or are taking care of all the other aspects and you only focus on programming.

If you are good with handling people a manual sim is easier, if you are good at figuring out complex problems an automatic sim is easier. Your background language also plays a role. Going to college actually hurts you hear as it teaches you everything not to do as how to work with it. Most people would rather solve one or two problems and not deal with re-inventing the wheel. At current count there are almost 11 variants of YGOPro including this one, and 4 manual browser based sims. There are "politic-like" issues between all the developers and we are split ideologically then add in our own egos.

If you have enough skill to not be thumb'ed under another developer taking his code for yourself and building something might be easier, or that developer might be so much of a lunatic you are better writing it yourself. Remember everyone involved here is a teenager or young adult.Since not all details are confirmed let us know information you get by submitting comment or screenshot in a thread at the bottom of the page.

yugioh dueling nexus

You need to enter the Card Studio to change card sleeves and game mat. The facility is also used to edit deck.

When visit the studio, you will see the menu, then choose Customization to see available accessories and to use them. Only acquired card sleeves and game mat are displayed. Select the one to make your duel field cool. Duel Quest Event. Tag Duel Tournament [April ]. Fortress of Gears. Gladiator Storm. Train Your Kuriboh! Dolphin Icon. Note: Since not all details are confirmed let us know information you get by submitting comment or screenshot in a thread at the bottom of the page.

Tap "Customization". Crowler Have Dr. List of 5D's Card Sleeves. List of 5D's Playmats. Yami Marik Returns! Achievepts in Yami Marik Event Dr. Crowler's Tricky Tests Achievepts in Dr. Rainbow Dragon! Event Achievepts in Awaken! Tower: Fire Dimension D.

yugioh dueling nexus

Tower: Fire Dimension: Complete the 7th floor D. Tower: Water Dimension D. Tower: Water Dimension: Complete the 7th floor D.

Tower: Wind and Earth Dimension D. D Tower: Dark Dimension D. Event Achieve 1, pts in Cyberdark Impact! Card Sleeves: Flame of Vengeance! Unlock Event. Playmat How to get Welcome to the Toon World!

There are No Good Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Simulators

Achieve 1, pts in Yami Marik Event Dr. Crowler's Tricky Tests Achieve 1, pts in Dr. Tower: Fire Dimension: Complete the 17th floor D. Tower: Water Dimension: Complete the 17th floor D.


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